We went to the V&A Museum of childhood. We went there by Overground from Walthamstow central to Bethnal green. We went to Weavers field for lunch we sat by a statute, there were lots of bricks with names and patterns on.

After lunch we went inside the museum, we saw lots of childhood things like Sooty, which was my favourite bit. We saw train sets, computers, there were lots of old 80s games, pixeled games.

We went into the board game section, I liked seeing cluedo and monopoly, we saw revolution monopoly which is brand new and uses credit cards instead of paper money.

Dear Prime Minister

Kassim, Berk and Zacrey visited the Leytonstone Learning Link to find out if the Fellowship Flag they had made for the Dear Prime Minister Learning Disability Month competition was one of the winning entries to be exhibited at Tate Modern. They had an early lunch and took the 158 to Leytonstone.

Kassim was very pleased because it WAS one of the winning entries! He liked the bright colours of the exhibition. Berk was proud of himself and he had a big smile. Zacrey was very interested in the art and wanted to touch it. A massive congratulations to these three! 


My name is Kassim and I am one of the young people who uses the Limes. This week it is Eid. At home we are having a party with lots of family. At The Limes I have been making decorations especially for the occasion. I am most looking forward to seeing lots of family and celebrating with them.

My name is Yogesh Thurasingham. I am 25 years old and I will be moving on from the Limes in July 2015. I have been coming to the Limes for a long time! It has supported me in lots of ways:
Having Fun– Activities are exciting. My favourite day was when I went clubbing with my friends. This is something I would not have felt confident to do without support. I had a great time and the DJ’s played great music too.

The Limes has shown me what I can do and never said I can’t do anything. The staff have helped me make decisions about my future. 

Exhibition opening night

My name  is Yogesh and I am a member of  Friends Empowered at The Limes. We took part in a creative course, working with Beth Kelly (a local artist) and The Mill. Our group made tree sculptures to tell people what and who is important in our lives, looking at our hobbies, interests and future goals.  Our trees were part of an exhibition shown at The Mill

Top Of The Limes headed to Waltham Forest’s annual firework celebration behind the town hall in chestnuts sports ground.

The fireworks this year were to all kinds of different music from film to TV.

The display lasted for half an hour and had the most amazing fireworks that lit up the sky in all sorts of colours. Everyone had a fantastic time and we all wished it had lasted a bit longer.

My journey at The Limes

My Name is Chidi. I’m 25 years old. I have been coming to the Limes for 4 years. I want to tell you about my time at the Limes. When I first arrived at the Limes I felt nervous, the more times I came to the Limes I felt less nervous. I met lots of new people.

I joined Friends Empowered- it’s a group for young people with learning disabilities. We have done lots of different things.

At the Transition Fair we performed the song called confidence. I played the drums. I helped the lady with the raffle. I helped design a new logo for Friends Empowered.

Halloween night

The Limes annual Halloween party went out with a bang!  Everyone got dressed in their best scary costumes and we had full-tastic fun!

The hall was decked out with lots of ghoulish decorations and wicked food, including the fangs jelly and pitta-tastic pizzas!

We also had ghost-tastic tunes, the Addams family, thriller and ghost busters!

After dark everyone went outside and scared each other with spook-tastic stories!

We also awarded a regular Limes member with the best dressed creepy costume of the evening.

Rachel and I went to Starbucks in Wanstead to try some coffee.

We got there a tiny bit early and first they asked us do you want anything to drink.  I said no first and they said ‘go on have try of the coffee we’d like you to taste it’.

It tasted nice actually and Rachel and I talked about The Limes AGM when I had helped serve coffees with Starbucks. We took some photos to show them.

Then they came and gave us more coffee- with two cups labelled B and C.

Being with Makers and Shakers

My name is Qasim Ahmed and this summer I have been busy in Makers and Shapers at the Limes.

We went to the Houses of Parliament to do this project about children’s rights. Me and Elen Evans (play co-ordinator) went by train to Westminster Station. We saw many buildings like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the river Thames. We stood in a long queue with lots of other people there for the meeting. When we went inside they scanned our valuables to keep us all safe. The House of Parliament was huge- it was like a riverside hotel with trees and a café!