Houses of Parliament

My name is Qasim Ahmed and this summer I have been busy in Makers and Shapers at the Limes.

We went to the Houses of Parliament to do this project about children’s rights. Me and Elen Evans (play co-ordinator) went by train to Westminster Station. We saw many buildings like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the river Thames. We stood in a long queue with lots of other people there for the meeting. When we went inside they scanned our valuables to keep us all safe. The House of Parliament was huge- it was like a riverside hotel with trees and a café!

We got given some nice refreshments- orange juice and biscuits and watched the presentation. Maria from the project, who had visited us at the Limes before, was also there and helped us to understand more about what was happening. It was hot day so we got to have a cold drink afterwards. I had such a great time, I loved it. I want to say a special thanks to Elen and Maria for that day.

I went to talk to the local councillors with another young person about our youth club. There is no money for youth club after September so we wanted to tell the council about how much we love the Limes youth club and why it shouldn’t stop. Many other people came and supported us from the Limes.

There were young people, staff and parents. We had a speech to read out and told our stories. We wanted to fight for our rights. We both said how young people would feel if we couldn’t go to youth clubs anymore.

  • I feel good and relaxed about The Limes
  • It is the No.1 great place. It helps people with and without disabilities. 
  • If I didn’t have any Limes I would feel so left out crying at home when its dark and looking outside around the streets
  • I have nowhere else to go.
  • The Limes supports us and helps us and makes sure we are safe.

After that we went outside and met Councillor Mark Rusling who congratulated us on our speeches. I want to thank the people who supported me and staff , you were great.