Kassim, Berk and Zacrey visited the Leytonstone Learning Link to find out if the Fellowship Flag they had made for the Dear Prime Minister Learning Disability Month competition was one of the winning entries to be exhibited at Tate Modern. They had an early lunch and took the 158 to Leytonstone.

Kassim was very pleased because it WAS one of the winning entries! He liked the bright colours of the exhibition. Berk was proud of himself and he had a big smile. Zacrey was very interested in the art and wanted to touch it. A massive congratulations to these three! 

Kassim also visited Tate Modern to see their work in one of the most famous galleries in the world. On the way there he met a man playing steel pans and a street performer with no head!

At the gallery he took photographs of his favourite work by other Dear Prime Minister artists and proudly posed with the flag he and the other young people created.