Rachel and I went to Starbucks in Wanstead to try some coffee.

We got there a tiny bit early and first they asked us do you want anything to drink.  I said no first and they said ‘go on have try of the coffee we’d like you to taste it’.

It tasted nice actually and Rachel and I talked about The Limes AGM when I had helped serve coffees with Starbucks. We took some photos to show them.

Then they came and gave us more coffee- with two cups labelled B and C.

They showed us how to drink the black coffee (B) they made us smell the coffee to try to smell different things in it and you had to sip it not gulp it to understand the smells and flavours. Then we tried the other coffee (C). B was stronger than C.

Then we talked about how the coffees tasted and they gave me a little book all about the different coffees and all the countries they came from.  It was really interesting, I learned loads!