My journey at The Limes

My Name is Chidi. I’m 25 years old. I have been coming to the Limes for 4 years. I want to tell you about my time at the Limes. When I first arrived at the Limes I felt nervous, the more times I came to the Limes I felt less nervous. I met lots of new people.

I joined Friends Empowered- it’s a group for young people with learning disabilities. We have done lots of different things.

At the Transition Fair we performed the song called confidence. I played the drums. I helped the lady with the raffle. I helped design a new logo for Friends Empowered.

I did a course ‘what’s on in Waltham Forest’. We planned an exhibition to tell people about it. We enjoyed showing people the work that we’ve done. I made coffee for people coming to the exhibition.

I have done lots of activities at Youth Club. I’ve played on the Wii. I’ve done some sports -my favourite sport is hockey. I’ve done cooking- I made some naan bread. I’ve met some new young people. The Boat Trip was also fun. We went along the Thames.

I helped out with the cooking at the hornbeam café. I have helped set up for meetings and parties. I’ve done some photocopying and some admin. I went to IKEA and looked for some ideas for the Limes kitchen.

Role Plays have helped me be confident. The Limes helped me to learn about the borough in Waltham Forest. I learned about places to go like the Mill, the library and Lloyd Park. When things have been difficult at home the Limes has supported me with my problems. I have been supported to make choices and tell others about my needs. The Limes worked with the people that are important to me to help me make choices.

The Limes has listened to people about my needs and worries and worked through them.

The Limes as supported me to grow up and be an adult and to be more independent. I have learnt new skills and tried out different types of Work Experience.

The staff at the Limes listened to me to help deal with my problems and Sammy made time to have a chat with me when she could see I was a bit upset. Corina made me laugh and had fun with Friends Empowered. Karen on Reception is very friendly when you first come into the Limes. She will always have a chat.

I’m leaving the Limes in July. I would like to get a job in an office. I had a good time at the Limes but I’m excited to move on. Good Luck to the Limes.