To support various groups at the Limes, including daytimes, evenings, weekends and school holidays

Working with children from 5 years to 25 year old adults in our inclusive play space with adventure playground, softplay and sensory room. 

Please refer to the Job Profile and Person Profile when completing Relevant Experience, as this space will provide you with the opportunity to tell us how you meet the selection criteria for the job.

Rather than simply repeating your career history, look at the skills and experience required by the job and give specific examples of work or actions that show you have the required skills. Do not forget to include any skills and experience that you have gained outside full time employment.This is a rolling recruitment programme, if you have not heard from us within 7 days of your application you can assume you have not been shortlisted for interview.  We hope you understand we take this approach in order to save The Limes, the postage costs.

£9.27 per hour plus holiday pay, zero hours as and when contract

Job Purpose

The sessional workers will be involved in the planning and delivery of evening youth groups, school holiday schemes and daytime and weekend activities for children and young people aged between 0 and 25.

Major Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. To actively promote the inclusion of all children and young people, providing a range of activities, responding to individual needs and enabling participation in activities.
  1. To promote the rights of children and young people within the Centre.
  1. To recognise and provide for each child’s developmental needs intellectually, emotionally and socially through activities encouraging independence wherever possible.
  1. To provide a high standard of physical and emotional care and to meet the health care needs of children when suitably trained.
  1. To regularly converse with parents / carers and to provide feedback on their child’s activities.
  1. To become fully conversant with the philosophy, aims and objectives of the Centre working within agreed policies and procedures including health and safety procedures and anti discriminatory practice.
  1. To work actively as part of a team that will include staff and volunteers.
  1. To participate in the evaluation of the success of activities.
  1. To attend training, staff meetings and supervision as required.
  1. To maintain confidentiality in relation to users, carers and staff.
  1. To keep accurate written records when required.
  1. To maintain and clear away play equipment as necessary.
  1. Any other duties as may be specified by the a services coordinator.


Requirement Essential/Desirable How measured
Play, teaching, youth work or sports qualification D Application form
To be aware of the role of play in child development E Interview


Requirement Essential/Desirable How measured
To have worked in a group setting with children and/or young people E Application form
To have worked in a multi-racial, multi-cultural setting E Application form
To have some knowledge of the needs of children and young people with disabilities E Application form 
To have at least oneyears experience of working with children and/or young peoples either in a paid or voluntary capacity. E Application form 
To have experience of organising group games E Application form 

Abilities - both aptitudes and skills

Requirement Essential/Desirable How measured
To work well within a team comprising of volunteers and staff. E Interview
To relate well to both disabled and non-disabled children and young people and understand their needs E Interview
To relate well to parents. E Interview
To possess excellent communication skills E Application form and interview
To use various methods of communication eg. BSL, Makaton, using pictures, skills in art, crafts, games and drama. D Application form and interview
Ability to speak another language D Application form
To be able to work flexible hours E Interview

Personal qualities - characteristics, style, interests, attitudes

How measured
To be creative and enthusiastic when planning and delivering activities
To possess good organisation skills
To have an interest in challenging discrimination of all kinds, but particularly towards children with disabilities