Special guests

The Flying Seagull Project will entertain you with their world-renowned show, using circus, magic & clowning to bring you wonder and joy. Don't miss this rare treat, 11.30am-1pm. 


AGM Business Meeting  - 13:30 – 13:45

Everyone is welcome to attend our AGM.
Find out what's been happening at The Limes over the past 12 months and plans for the future.

1. Welcome, Apologies and Announcements

2. Minutes of AGM held  5th September 2020

3. Any matters arising

4. Chairs Report on the Limes Activities for the last 12 months

Ordinary resolutions

5. Resolution 1 – Auditors. The Limes wishes to re-appoint Goldwins and our Auditors

6. Resolution 2 – Elections. 

Retirement of Florence Andrews and Diana Bromley. 

7. Following trustee statements to the meeting; Elections for the proposal to join the board of trustees 

Rebecca Sterry

Mel Green

Lee Boyce 

Hannah Dobbin. 

8. Close 14:00

Please note: Only members, age 18 and over, are entitled to take part in the business of the charity. i.e. voting to elect trustees.

Proxy Voting Form

All members have been emailed a Proxy Voting Form, so that if you are unable to attend the greatest show on earth, you can still be part of voting on our important business matters.

Keep an eye out for an email from admin.

FInd out how to use your Proxy Vote here: Proxy Voting Form explanatory notes