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'Part of our annual forum planning this includes the development of a survey which is a kind of 'State of the nation' survey to gather PARENTS views on services in the borough, which we plan to do now and again at the end of this financial year. The responses we get from parents will determine the work we do this year with the LA,CCG & Health.
The second part of the survey is more about forum development. We have included a list of priority topics we have gathered from parental feedback over the last few months, which we hope parents will vote on and add to, if they have topics they feel are areas we should tackle.

We are also looking for parents to sign up as forum members, reps and parent champions to promote the work we do.
The survey can be accessed via the link below. Deadline is 5PM 19th May'

For any parent who wishes to enter, there is a prize draw for a £100 voucher

We have several training sessions which are available to parents and professionals

Future sessions
Getting the Best from Annual Reviews of EHCPs - 4th May 8PM-10PM(Sunshine Support)
Parental Mental Health-6th May 8PM-10PM (Sunshine Support)
Internet Safety- 10th May 7PM-9PM
Understanding ADHD-13th May 8PM-10PM(Sunshine Support)

Join the Forum

Membership of the forum is free, and we do not ask anything of you unless you want to become involved in forum activities and consultations

What is Waltham Forest Parent Forum? 

Waltham Forest Parent Forum (WFPF) was founded in January 2008 as part of the Aiming High for Disabled Children Strategy from Central Government. Back then we had just 20 members. We now have 1322 families on our database, all of whom have children or young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and/or disabilities in Waltham Forest.  WFPF is a voluntary group set up as a formal constituted group and is currently headed by a steering group of 11 parent carer members. All our activities are organised and run by volunteer parents for parents and are funded by grants from the Department of Education and the Local Authority.  WFPF is part of The National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), and we meet regularly with other forums in the North East London Cluster


To provide an opportunity to participate in joint decision making on services.

To provide information to help increase knowledge of the SEND reforms and legislation.

To improve and influence those services affecting these families

To provide emotional, practical and social support. 

To help reduce isolation and increase well-being. 

To provide training on topics suggested by our member 

What is Participation?

Parent participation is at the heart of the forum. It happens when parent carers and professionals work together, recognising each other's knowledge, to make informed decisions about services that make the best use of resources. Parent carers can pinpoint problems frequently experienced by families with disabled children. Effective parent participation happens when parents have conversations with and work alongside professionals, to co design, develop and improve services. Working with parents and carers helps professionals to understand what needs to happen to develop services that meet families’ needs and helps parents and carers understand the complexity involved and the challenges faced by the professionals who must bring about that change. Working together and sharing knowledge enables parents and professionals to find solutions that work.

We are not a campaign/lobbying group though individual members may decide to do so independent of the Forum. To carry out such activities would go against the terms of our funding from the Department of Education; that doesn't mean that we don't agree with what both national and local groups are campaigning on. Indeed, we will advertise events for information. We simply work in a different way, through co- production with the Local authority and the government via the National Network of Parent Carer Forums( NNPCF) 

Social Media 


Twitter @WFParentforum 


Closed PARENT ONLY chat pages

We also have a 'closed' chat page which is only available to forum members to ask questions and get support from other members

(1) Waltham Forest Parent Forum Chat- supporting SEND parents in Waltham Forest | Facebook

We have also recently set up a closed ADHD chat page which you can request to join here if appropriate.

(2) Waltham Forest Parent Forum ADHD Chat | Facebook

And also a 4Ds Facebook page(Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia)

(3) WF Parent Forum 4Ds Chat(dyslexia, dyspraxia,dysgraphia,dyscalculia) | Facebook