Children's lead, Support, youth work
Children's Lead

Working closely with the the Services Director, I'm responsible for planning and delivering services for children from birth to twelve years old. Together we develop fun (sometimes messy) activities for the children attending the Toddler group, Family Playtime, after school creative arts session, Playschemes and short break services.

My journey with The Limes started as a volunteer for The Zest Kitchen Project, before long I was also working as a Sessional Worker in Playschemes.

Before coming to the UK, I studied Special Educational Needs BA (Hons) in Spain. I have also volunteered in a wide range of associations involving people with disabilities of all age groups and have personal experience with a close family member.

The Limes gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. I enjoy working with such a diverse group of people and every day is an adventure.

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